I learned how to talk to people about God. Already I had no fear. I simply chatted with them about God. Some listened, some didn’t. The last practical taught me how I could behave with people. God taught me to speak, showing me how people understood me. It was a blessing. God laid on it my heart to go to the poor people of Udmurtia and talk to them about Jesus, to open a new church, so I would like to be its pastor. I for myself had already chosen the town of XXX in Udmurtia. I wish to start a church. A small one, which will serve the Lord. I bless God that I have studied here. I rejoice that I am here. I pray that as I go through towns God will open doors and hearts.

Student from Tatarstan


In the practical we evangelised, we went round villages, our team went on bicycles, covering large distances from village to village.  For me it was practice in how to share the good news, and this practice was very satisfying.  Our team grew together during this time.  Initially I spent some time at the police station for spreading the gospel.  But God won over the heart of the policeman to us and he did not stop us speaking. This summer I am going hitch-hiking with my husband and we want to use this time to share the gospel with the people we meet. Our dream is to go to the Crimea and take part in planting a church.

Student from Russia


I thank God that I can be here.  Not long ago we were in ministry and it was a good time, we evangelised on the streets, and we visited people’s houses.  People were open.  We evangelised without fear.  For this we were given away to the police.  We were at the police station for five hours.  But this didn’t frighten us.  There was a great harvest.  And for the name of Jesus we will be persecuted.  We lived together in a big house.  We got to know one another better, and read the Bible and ate together.  We became well acquainted.

Here we learn new methods of evangelism. I am thankful that I could be here with my family.  The first year is coming to an end.  In the summer I will be going on evangelism, helping churches in Central Asia.  There will be a short term mission, where I will be going with my family.  Then I will return to our home church, which is waiting for us.  I want to learn more and I want to serve God with all my family.  We want to reach people who haven’t heard the gospel.

Student from Kazakhstan


I came here through a friend.  We went through villages, evangelised, gave out literature.  The people were basically Chuvash.  There were some who were open.  We went to the market and chatted with people.  We held a service.  But in the main it was evangelism.  I learnt how to evangelise, as previously I had been afraid.  I developed my skill.  I plan to serve in a church.  I would like to like to go on a short term mission.  I thank God that I came here.  I had an inconsistent relationship with God.  I knew little about Christianity.  Here I built my knowledge.  God healed my heart.  I began to live differently.  Here I experience a deep relationship with him.  Now I already have a great skill in prayer.  A ministry of prayer has been given to me.

Student from Tatarstan