The Eurasian Mission college is by design a vocational and highly practical course – this is reflected in the fact that the new students who started in September, have already just completed 3 weeks of evangelism practice. They were divided into 3 groups and assigned to several different local churches.

A few of the students share briefly what they have been up to:


“The schedule for the week: We live in the church. One of us slept on a cot, One sleeps on the floor, and two on a mattress. In the morning, we walk around the city, start a conversation, share our personal testimonies of our lives that God has saved us and transformed.  Last night there was a dialogue with the pastor and deacon. Tonight there was a dialogue with young people. On Thursday evening, people come, they ask questions about topics that interest them. On Friday, we will go to the village. There goes the home group. On Saturday, someone will be on a brotherly communion, and someone in the home group. On Sunday we will be at the church meeting, then, in the evening we go for a walk with the youth.”

“Our part is small. God shows us the way … These weeks, much has been given us. We learned to accept each other and the environment in which we find ourselves. Much effort was spent on the construction of relationships within the team. God works in different places in different ways.”

“Our ministry here is ‘prayer walks’ around the town.”


Students and college staff meet afterwards to reflect and review lessons learned from the first block of evangelism practice.  Please pray that each of the students will grow in their passion for spreading the Gospel, and in their ability and confidence to effectively share the Gospel.