As September ushers in another academic year…

PRAISE GOD for new student applications

The prospective student interviews and Biblical knowledge tests are taking place literally now (4-5 Sep) – please pray that the staff involved in the selection process will be clearly guided to confirm places for the students the Lord has prepared to study at the Eurasian Bible Mission College.

  • Please pray that the successful students will be allowed to come to the college (by their family, friends) and that their visa applications will all go through okay.
  • Pray that the students will know the Lord’s peace and strength as they leave their family, culture and country to live in Kazan for the first residential year of the course

Other prayer pointers

  • A personal update from Radik the college principal:Thank you all for your prayers. This year has been very difficult for me and my family. I have a problem with my legs. In March I had an operation on the right leg. In October there will be an operation on the left leg. The last rehabilitation on the right leg did not bring visible results. But through all this, God has taught me to trust more. “Strength of God is made perfect in our weakness” 2 Corinthians 12:9.

Four overarching Prayers for Tatarstan that:

  1. God will remove the cultural stronghold that to be Tatar is to be Muslim.
  2. God will remove the belief that all non-Orthodox churches are cults.
  3. A church will soon be planted in every district, city, and village of Tatarstan.
  4. That God will help the churches to discover ways to make the Gospel more accessible to Tatar people.