Since the summer of 2018 theological institutions in Russia have appeared to face increased scrutiny from the authorities.  For example, on the 25th January the Moscow Theological Seminary was suspended from continuing its activities.  From February, it was also banned from taking on new students.  They are not alone.  Other theological institutions have also experienced similar restrictions and fines – one being the North Caucasus Bible Institute which is continuing to operate, but has also been banned from accepting new admissions.

Some are arguing that a pattern seems to be developing and that this could be part of a more organised intentional attempt to restrict the activities of these theological institutions.   Please do pray.  Please pray that those who have been stopped from admitting new students would soon be able to resume accepting new admissions.  Please pray also for the leadership of these theological institutions that they will be given real wisdom to know how best to handle the increased inspections.

You are probably thinking, what about the Eurasian Mission College in Kazan Tatarstan?  Well, they have had some extra inspections recently, but so far they have not experienced anything as drastic as suspension of activities or a ban on new students.  Please pray this freedom may last, so they can continue unhindered in their valuable ministry of equipping and training Central Asians.

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