1. Give thanks to God for all the students who have studied at the college over this academic year now just finished
  2. Please pray what the students have learnt in terms of bible knowledge will stay with them, and help them be more effective in future ministries
  3. Pray also that the last year’s experience of living, studying and serving together will continue to bear fruit in terms of their Christian character and maturity e.g. their effectiveness of working in teams
  4. As the students travel back to their families and homelands for summer – do pray that they will have carve out some time to have a much needed phyiscal rest
  5. Pray as many of the students will be involved in helping with church ministries such as youth and childrens camps over the summer
  6. Pray for each of the students as they plan and prepare for the second year of their course in which they will be seconded to serve with a local church – giving them a year of mission practice
  7. Praise God the role of Student Director has been filled – please pray that the new director will quickly fit into the role and college team and move things forwards at a strategic level
  8. Thank God that even though the college may still get fined for what the authorities claim is a ‘banned religious book’, following the latest court case yesterday it looks like the fine could be considerably smaller than originally indicated