Progress to encourage the College staff team and students

Student Director

This role had been vacant for near 9 months.  Thankfully, we can now report that a new Student Director has been appointed. He was previously head of youth ministry at his church.

Please do pray for ‘R____’ as he takes up his new role – that he will be given wisdom and guidance.

In time with the new student director in position, that will in turn relieve the college prinicpal of the extra workload he has had to bear for the last 9 months or so.

Land dispute looking hopeful

An even longer on-going saga has been the issue of land ownership, ever since the neighbouring business tore down a fence and placed some of their vehicles on the land, claiming it was theirs!  An out of court agreement has been reached, for which we are very thankful.  Please pray that the necessary paperwork will all be drawn up and officially recognised. Thus bringing a final completion to this dispute.  According to the College Principal, it could still take up to 2 years for this to be completed. You need lots of patience to work and minister in Tatarstan!

If the land dispute agreement proves to be genuine, then the college can proceed with some ideas on how to generate some additional income from this land.  They already rent one workshop building to a local welding business, and hire out rooms to a local church, and to a Tatarstan equivalent of our ‘Alcoholics Anonymous’ group.

So in summary, two reasons for praise to God, and encouragement to the College team.