Praise God for;

  • The students are currently on mission placement practice (22 feb to 13 March)  – we thank God that this has been possible, even during Covid.  We praise God that one placement was able to be changed at the last minute, because the region where one group of students were due to travel to was experiencing -50 and bad weather!
  • Tim McMahon – we give thanks that Tim was able to be located in Kazan from Dec to late Feb, and was able to get married in Kazan to Mariam.  We are thankful for the progress made so far at the College, including a plan to upgrade the quality of the College’s internet speed & service in preparation for a wider portfolio of online training to be offered. Also, for a planned pilot in March of a new ‘continuing education programme’ which is aimed at former college graduates and pastors and ministry leaders across Tatarstan
  • We praise God that someone suitable has been identified as a Mentor Manager – to recruit and manage a team of pastoral mentors to develop and grow the personal support given to current students and participants of the new ‘continuing education programme’
  • Praise God as it looks very likely that we will be able to use some content from a well known Theological College  – just finalising an agreement to use their highly respected course materials and ‘online assessment tool’  by the College for its new online training programme – a good majority of which has already been translated into Russian.

Please pray for;

  • For safety in travel, and good opportunities to witness for Christ during their current mission placements:
    – some are ministering at a Rehab centre
    – some are preaching at local churches and being involved in distributing literature
    – some will be doing ‘bible study’ groups and street evangelism
  • For the right people and a good number to hear about and sign up for the pilot of the new ‘continuing education programme’ taking place online in late March
  • For a suitable team of ‘pastoral mentors’ to be recruited and for the funds to pay them
  • Overarching prayer – that each student will be greatly blessed by their studies, growing in their abilities and service of Jesus, and becoming more Christ-like in character
  • For the remaining translation of a Theological college’s material into Russian for use on our new online training programme