For praise

    • Recently the students from year 1 and 2 were both together at the college – this provides the opportunity to share experiences, a special meal, make friendships, and learn from each other
    • The first year students completed their final 3 week mission placements in May – some were questioned by the police during their practical mission outreach – a college staff member remarked to me, that they largely see this as a positive in the sense that it prepares the students for what they are likely to experience as they get involved in future Gospel ministries
    • Students are now receiving their Diplomas (due to granting of Educational Licence towards the end of last year). For example, a brother from Tajikistan who studied at the college in 2012 was presented with his Diploma certificate. He is now involved in Gospel ministry, reaching Tajiks in very distant and remote villages in Tajikistan.Also, having a recognised qualification can help students with finding work, and also in some Central Asian countries, you can only work in churches that are registered if you have a qualification

To request

  • As we enter the last few weeks, pray that the students make the most of the final teaching, and fellowship together.
  • Remember the students as they finalise plans for their summer onwards
  • Do pray for the recruitment of new students for the next academic year (Sep 17+) – a good number yes, but also that the college staff team will be given discernment to know who will best benefit from the Mission training