Doubtless some of you will be asking, “Who is this person that’s been appointed and what’s he really like?” The answer will depend on who you are, but this is my response! I’m Al, married to Gill a Welsh lady, but please don’t hold that against her. We have three grown up children, Heidi, Tom and Katya, two sons-in-law and two small grandchildren, with another on the way. I love the great outdoors, including a wide range of activities on land, water and mountains.

I worked in management for a number of years, many of them alongside serving as an elder in a church, before moving to become a full-time church minister/pastor, which I did for a number of years in two different churches. Very recently I have been engaging in a wider itinerant work,speaking on church weekends away and doing quite a lot of teaching the Bible and leading on Christian holiday trips. Whilst doing this, I have been seeking what God would have me do with the rest of my life.

For a number of years, Gill and I have had more than a passing interest in the wider world Christian scene. Between us we have been involved in visiting and encouraging on the mission field, teaching the Bible, pastoral care and providing support to frontline workers through difficult times. When I received the details of this job, it was an amazing fit and something I really, really wanted to do. What’s even more astonishing is that the Trustee Board presumably thought there was something in this too!!

The challenges in the days ahead are many, but ultimately, it is only in God’s grace that I will be able to serve Him and you as workers and partners in the gospel. I will seek to do this to the best of my ability using the gifts given me on loan for His service and build on the excellent work already in progress. I look forward to meeting many of you in the days ahead, but thank you for your support of God’s gospel work in Central Asia!

I’d love an invitation to come and speak about Eurasian Ministries and People International in your church fellowship and
can also do a Bible teaching slot if desired. Send me an email to or give me a
ring on 01892 545509.