June ushers in a quieter spell

At least in one sense things slow down as the staff and students alike wonder how in the earth another academic year has finished!  Most of the students return to their home countries across Central Asia to be re-united with family, and church friends. For many the summer will be spent ministering with their home churches on children and youth evangelistic camps and events.

The college staff team go away off-site as a team together – to enjoy fellowship in worship, study, and prayer, to review the year, and plan for the next September student intake.

PRAISE GOD – for several pieces of positive news from Kazan

In a nutshell a potential threat appears to have been blown off course. For now, anyway.  Let me explain. The authorities had informed teaching institutions of new regulations and requirements regarding the level and nature of qualifications needed by lecturers and teachers.  Some Pastors would not have met the new regulatory requirements.  Therefore, they would have needed to do extra study and qualifications – a challenge for pastors who don’t tend to have much spare time!!!  Especially in Central Asia, where many have to work as well to continue in their ministries.  The other challenge would have been finding the money to pay for the study and qualifications.

The college had been legally advised that religious institutions may have the grounds on which to apply for an exemption to the new regulations and so they used such an argument. The authorities have now confirmed that the new regulations don’t apply.

Annual Educational Audit passes uneventfully – now the college has an ‘Educational licence’ it receives an annual audit – the college team are relieved and thankful to God as the recent audit was smooth and resulted in no fines!

Other praise and prayer pointers

  • As we featured last month – there is mounting evidence of increasing scrutiny of Russian theological institutions – more info here.  Praise God the college has escaped any extra difficulties thus far.  Do pray for His continuing hand of protection on the college.
  • For the college staff team – to have time to rest and recoup during the summer break.
  • Please pray for new applications for the next academic year – for those who will most benefit to be able to have the opportunity to study at the college. Wisdom is needed for the staff team as they interview, liaise with church leaders, and decide which applications to accept.
  • Several members of the college staff team – are currently travelling through Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan – to meet former students to encourage and support them and to recruit and invite new students by speaking at a range of church events
  • Please pray as we have a target of 200 new £20 per/month standing orders by 2020 to create a more stable cashflow, and make planning college budgets & spending plans easier – so far we have reached 35.  Could you be number 36?  You can download our Standing Order form here