Hello, my name is Iriston. I was born in North Ossetia. In 1999 my father was killed and we lost the breadwinner in the family. I lost a mentor in my father too, and because of that I continued to grow and be shaped and moulded in the streets. A boy needs a father. You do not become a man without a father. Since I was looking for a mentor in the streets, my life became really bad and I found my role models and authoritative figures, people that I admired and I wanted to be like in the streets, they were criminals, and I liked their way of living.

My character became really bad, and my character ruined me. As a result, because of my character, I had to do harm to people that I underestimated and I had to be in hiding for a long time. I had to run away from home.

At nights I knelt near my bed, even though I wasn’t a believer, and I asked God, “God if you exist, can you please get me back into the time when I was still a good man.” And then in the daytime I went out and was the same old me. And my neighbours told me about God, before I left home. I remembered about them very often. I even saw some billboards saying we can help you. I wanted to call those people but I couldn’t find the courage to.

After a while, I went into a coma because of a drug overdose, and when I came out of it, I decided that I should turn to God for help because that would be the last resort that I hadn’t tried. Because I had tried to change my life. I came to a church that was a Pentecostal Church, I went forward when there was a call to repentance and I repented of my sins and from that day on my life began to change.

The reason that I want to study here is that I want to serve God, I want to dedicate my life to him and in order to be a good, high quality servant of the Word I need the knowledge. But my biggest prayer request is that my mother and my brother are saved.

Please pray for Iriston:

  1. To gain a deeper knowledge of the Bible
  2. To be guided as to how and where to serve the Lord after his studies
  3. For the conversion of his mother and brother

Thank you very much.