[ Unedited – in Ovdotya’s own words and translated locally in Kazan, Tatarstan ]

I am going to serve in South Ossetia (Tzkhinval). My ministry is to children. I learned about Jesus and believed in him because for two years in a row I was accepted in children’s camps that were organized by a former Eurasian Mission College graduate. I am planning to help him start a new church with a strong emphasis on children’s ministry.

There are very few Bible-believing churches, and Christian Orthodox churches have problems because they are Georgian churches, and Ossetians and Georgians are in conflict. People of Ossetia continue to go to Orthodox churches but their beliefs and practices are actually occultic and pagan. We have so many festivals that are pagan, we even celebrate Muslim festivals, and you can imagine how difficult it is to leave all this behind for people who are so used to living that way.

It is rather difficult for me to have to leave my home and family in North Ossetia and move to South Ossetia.  We long for children’s hearts to open, and for more people to come to us and be saved. We cannot run children’s events in the streets but children who come already love to bring other children with them.

Please pray

  1. For Ovdotya as she is involved in setting up the new church plant in South Ossetia
  2. For God to send new workers because they don’t have enough of them
  3. For the Holy Spirit to touch the children’s lives and that in turn they will then bring along new friends
  4. For Ovdotya as she moves away from her family, for her to soon feel settled in her new location and ministry