As the Eurasian Mission College is located in Kazan, Tatarstan we thought you might like to read a bit more about Tatarstan, and have some key praise and prayer pointers to use…

The Republic of Tatarstan is situated in the centre of the Russian Federation on the East-European Plain at the confluence of the two greatest rivers – the Volga and the Kama. In winter it is possible to walk across the frozen rivers and meet those who have bored holes in the ice in order to fish. In the summer the river beaches bask in Mediterranean temperatures.

It is a flat and stable landscape of 26,555 sq miles. The highest point is only 381 metres above sea level with most of the land below 200 metres. Geologically it sits on a deep-seated platform of stable crystalline rock – there is no fear of earthquakes in Tatarstan! Yet at depth there are vast reserves of oil and on the surface huge water resources. The history of the land and people is rich, complex and compelling.

Tatarstan is a sovereign state in a treaty association with the Russian Federation.  The capital city, Kazan, is a large industrial, academic and cultural centre. 1.6m people live in Kazan where the majority of the population is Russian and nominally Orthodox. However, Tatarstan is largely rural with 4,200 villages and several large towns. In the villages the people are mainly Tatar and Muslim.

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