The Eurasian Mission College trains and equips Central Asian believers, so here is a mission profile to learn more about Central Asia and have some key praise and prayer pointers to use…

The region of Greater Central Asia accounts for half a billion of the world’s population, yet less than ½ % are Bible believers.  What unites these countries is that they are Muslim states run by post-communist regimes. Their people are not devout in their adherence to orthodox Islam, preferring a more pragmatic folk Islam.

When the Iron Curtain collapsed in the early 1990s, a door was opened for workers to meet the very real needs of the people and, at the same time, share the gospel. Churches quickly sprang up over the region, as Tajiks, Uzbeks and others turned to the Lord. However, the political mood changed again and mission workers found themselves persona non-grata (not welcome). Turkmenistan was the first to expel mission workers, followed closely by Uzbekistan. However, Protestant denominations have always been present despite opposition and repression.

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