The college students go creative!

Right in the middle of the Russian Federation exists the Eurasian Mission Bible College in Kazan, which equips Central Asians in Biblical mission for when they return to their homelands. The students have three mission placements during the first year of their two-year course, and recently on their third mission practice they went all creative! They organised an Art Exhibition within a major city in Tatarstan. They then walked the streets in prayer, inviting people to the exhibition. By explaining the paintings on display, they shared the wonderful Gospel story.

Over 150 folk visited the art exhibition

An older man confessed having heard about Jesus and His salvation. The authorities do not allow them to hand out Christian literature. However, unofficially they were able to point the man in the right direction, for example on how to find out about local faithful churches near where he lives. Please do pray specifically for that older man, that his confession will prove to be genuine, and that he will link up with a local church where he can hear the bible faithfully taught week by week.

Pray for lasting spiritual fruit

Please do pray that the Holy Spirit will use the many conversations that were had during the exhibition to bring about lasting spiritual fruit. Also, do pray that through this experience the students will have developed their abilities in explaining and sharing the glorious Gospel.

sharing the Gospel through art in tatarstan