Praise God for the previous Student Director

We thank God for the faithful service of the previous Student Director.  He has now moved on, partly in connection with one of his daughters health needs, which could not be met in Kazan.  He is greatly missed.  Praise God that he is still involved in Central Asian Gospel ministry work in his new role.

The Student Director role is key

The role of Student Director is a pivotal role at the College.  It includes developing relationships with the Central Asian church across the Stans to ensure the college is meeting the needs of the church in terms of equipping believers for future Gospel ministry and evangelism.  So it involves promoting the college across Central Asia, and the recruitment of students for the future.

Pray for the College Principal in the interim

Do please pray for the College Principal, as in the absence of a current Student Director, more workload falls back on the Principal – pray that the Lord will sustain him, and give his wisdom to prioritise his workload.  We praise God that a local pastor has started to work at the college providing counselling and support to the male students.

Pray that the Lord’s plan will become clear

There have been a number of applications for the role, but for various reasons none of the potential candidates have worked out.  Do pray that the Lord would provide the right person to fill this position, for the good of the college, and God’s kingdom in Central Asia.