A further court case was heard on 19 February regarding the ‘alledged’ extremist book found in the college library.  The judge stated that she couldn’t find a good reason to prosecute the College – in her view they had not done anything wrong. She has written to the Ministry of Education asking for a further explanation. Following that, another court hearing will be arranged.

Please pray;

  • that the judge will finally rule in favour of the College, and that this case will come to a close
  • for the college staff – that they will be given the necessary wisdom and patience to deal with the range of court cases that get filed against the college
  • that the staff will be guided by the Lord on how much time and money to devote to court cases – a difficult judgement, because if they don’t stand up they will be seen as an easy target for fines, but at the same time dealing with these court hearings innevitably demands attention, time and funds that could be allocated on more pro-active and positive things!


The college has received a letter from the Prosecutor’s office stating that they have a book regarded as ‘extremist’ in their library.  The letter goes on to inform them that documents have already been sent to the Courts on this matter.  The book in Russian is translated and published under a different title. The college was not expecting any issues with this book, as also it has been widely available via shops since 2005.

The court hearing is scheduled for the beginning of December. The college are not sure what the outcome will be. It may be no more than yet another attempt to fine the college for monetary gain, or it may turn out to be more serious than that.

Please pray – that they will be wise in their defense and response, maintaining a good Christian witness throughout, and that God will protect them.