A Tatar college student puts his cardboard creative and writing skills into play during a week of mission practice in the Tatarstan capital city. The sign reads ‘Jesus Christ died for you’. Many could not fail to notice as they passed by in the packed trolleybuses (trams!), some walking by stopped, others chose to ignore and some openly swore at the students.

An old Muslim lady who didn’t like that they were “imposing” their faith started toblame the students that they were doing everything for money’s sake, such as selling crosses, literature and so on. An orthodox woman argued that they were seeking to drag people into their ‘sect’.

Then followed a lively debate with a Jehovah Witness. When asked about what they were speaking about, the students boldly proclaimed theypreach Jesus Christ, who died on the cross for their sins and was resurrected on the third day. On hearing this, another womanstarted smiling and blessing the students!!!