A dedicated team

Visiting the College will make you appreciate and praise God for such a committed and hard working team, passionate for the Gospel, Central Asia and Mission.

Despite many difficulties and obstacles they faithfully continue to serve in their joint desire to train up the next generation of pastor-teacher-evangelists for mission throughout Central Asia.

For security reasons we can’t be too specific on the details of the staff team, but we have tried to give you a flavour below…

Kazan Bible College Staff Team

College Principal & Director
Former EMC student
Church Pastor
Born in Tatarstan
Married, 1 Son
Big heart for Gospel work
College Lecturer
Born in Uzbekistan
Married, 3 children
Former student of EMC
Teaches Evangelism
Enthusiastic team player
College Lecturer
Married, 2 children
Born in Tatarstan
Church Pastor
Teaches Leadership
Great sense of humour
Student Care & Counselling
Born in Tajikistan
Counsellor to female students
Manages website & newsletters
Caring, loved by students
College Accountant
Born in Tatarstan
Married, 2 children
Loves all things financial!
Long standing staff member
Thoughtful and wise

In addition there are several support staff with responsibility for secretarial, administrative and building maintenance matters etc.