When I finished school I went to the academy.  I did not relate well to my mother at that time.  My parents often quarrelled and it upset me.  More often than not it was my mother who started it.  Sometimes I went out of the house, and there were even times when my father came home and my mother wasn’t there.  He would go out to look for her.  Once I stayed out on the street, so that my father wouldn’t open the door, and I waited for my mother to arrive.

I was a stay-at-home girl before I went to college, and I often sat and hid myself away.  In the end my parents separated when I finished school.  I left home and began to live separately from my parents.  At that time I felt peace, because there was no scandal.  But I began to drink and smoke.  There were often parties, and friends appeared – granted, friends whom I hadn’t known long.  I had very little to do with my mother, but if we did happen to talk, we quarrelled.

From the age of nineteen I began friendships with boys, but nothing good came of it – either they threw me over or I them.  This brought me a lot of pain.  In January 2015 God began to knock at the door of my heart.  It all began with my move to Kazan.  I gained a friend, who used to talk about God.  At that time life was full of trouble.  I was full of hatred towards my mother for her betrayal.  My cherished boyfriend also betrayed me.  My friend continued to pray for me.  In 2016 forgiveness took place in my heart.  I forgave my mother, and forgave my betrayer.  I began to value myself and to love.  I wanted to help people.  Through Lilya I found out about college.  Now I am studying there.