I am 29 years old. I had simple working family; the mother worked at a plant and the father was a driver. The life ran its course: kindergarten, school, technical college (automobile mechanic specialty). I had an addiction. I could not live more than 3 days, not using drugs and alcohol. I used it in first time when I was 14. This using was continuing till my 26. As a result of such lifestyle was a judicial case. I had gotten suspended sentence but it didn’t teach me anything.

My close people worried about me and tried to help me with all ways. One day my aunt told me that I need to go to a residential treatment center. There I would be told about Christ and helped to get freedom. I didn’t believe and refused to go. I continued drinking and smoking, my health became worse, the number of my problems increased. Then I came to my aunt Vera myself, asked to be sent to the residential treatment center. There I was taken like part of family. Joy and lightness appeared in my soul, I began loving all what was around me. With that moment my Christian life has begun. I began reading the Holy Bible and went deep into it, being in the Word. After the rehabilitation I began serving and helping to people who have the same problems like me.