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The New Testament shows Jesus eating with people in a diverse range of settings. Not everyone approved. What is the role of hospitality and eating with others in our engagement with Muslims? In contexts abroad where hospitality is a feature of the culture, what makes us distinctively Christ-like? In ethnic communities across the UK, how is hospitality practised and experienced? Hence, how does one engage effectively?

For those who choose to follow Jesus, what hospitality are they expecting from their brothers and sisters in Christ? How is ‘Christian family’ understood?

Who is it for?

Representatives, churches and individuals who are concerned for mission in the Muslim World.

What is the focus?

This well established forum has been going for many years and regularly brings together 30 to 50 people to discuss issues relating to the Muslim world.

The forum’s three main areas of focus are to:

  •  Provide fellowship and networking opportunities for those involved in ministry in the Muslim World
  •  Discuss issues of common concern
  •  Consider joint projects as appropriate

It should be noted that there can be severe restrictions in most of the Muslim World, and discretion is exercised in the use of information because of the sensitive political situation.

Usually those who launch the discussion are regulars at the forum but occasionally an outside speaker is invited to provide insight into a particular country or current issue.

What issues have we covered recently?

  • Can Islam experience a reformation?
  • Ripples and Reactions to Changing Muslim-Christian relations in Nigeria and across the Region
  • Who is Jesus? Bangladeshi BMBs’ view of Christ
  • Bible Translation in a Muslim Context
  • Defending Truth – how we disagree with each other as Christians in a Christian way
  • Scriptural Reasoning
  • Islam’s Diversity playing out in Syria and Iraq
  • A wind in the House of Islam (Dr David Garrison)
  • Discipleship Making Movements
  • The Family in Islam: what is its place in wider society and the role of father, mother and wider family?
  • Spiritualities in Islam: What is Religious and What is Cultural?
  • Identity Issues: belonging to which communities?

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