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Students share their stories

Kazan Central Asian Mission College Student testimony

I am very glad that last year God showed me this College through Christian believers. I didn’t hear anything about it before. Exactly last year strong desire to know God appeared in me, but when I was offered to study in Saint Petersburg and Moscow, I understood that I didn’t have enough strength to study and work, rent accommodation and be far from my family without any explanations (since my relatives are Muslims). I wanted to be a missionary but 4-5 years were too long. Thank God for meeting with some people last year. I heard about College through them and entered it.

This year was challenging for me which is not a secret. After the first practical training I felt relatives’ pressure. My mother feared that I got into a religious sect and was afraid for me and my property. For this reason I had to give back the flat which she bought for me; I also went to the police to write a statement that I was not a missing person, I had to come through mother’s tears, mockery of my aunt for betrayal of my Tatar nation etc.

That moment I thought: ‘God, I feel absolutely done in, I’m too weak for this.’ Praise God that every time He answered and supported me with His Word – (James 1:2-4). Thank you for your prayers. I am also happy that my friend was here and supported me. I would like to thank my friends and my College mentor and counsellor . I am thankful that I had an opportunity to do some mission. God gave me an opportunity to tell about this vision and embody it in this very place.

Here I had an opportunity to participate in new vision of preaching the Gospel – telling about Godе through pictures, working with children, knowing new methods of work with kids. This was a priceless experience for me.

I am also happy that here I met Christians from different countries with whom I can communicate and visit to help gain new fruit in Christ Jesus.

At the moment I think that God gave me many talents, such as Turkic Language (Tatar), love for children, and desire to disciple them. I am going to grow my talents and use them for the glory of God. I hope you will see me soon in the nation unachieved by the Gospel. I am very grateful to God for this College.

Kazan Central Asian Mission College Student testimony

I am glad that I came to study in EMC. This was the best decision in my life. I am grateful to Jesus for the College. This time very much influenced my spiritual life. I did like classes of Hermeneutics and Apologetics. They are very helpful in practical ministry.

The desire appeared in me to serve others. This was a wonderful time with God for me and my family. I am very grateful to sponsors and those who prayed for us.

Blessings to you and your families!


Kazan Central Asian Mission College Student testimony

I am very grateful for the opportunity to be and study at EMC. Kazan is a beautiful city. College has very good conditions for study.

I liked all classes taught by zealous professors. What I liked were teaching practices applied for each class. Professors were devoted and open hearted.

One year studies changed my worldview and understanding of the Word. In the past I thought that the Bible is only for salvation of the soul and didn’t understand the importance of the mission.

I also did like mentoring methods. Very good lesson for me was about conflicts and peacemakers. I understood the very core of “Yeast of the Pharisees” (practical training).

I should not be proud and arrogant but forgiving and compassionate. I have to love my neighbor like Jesus loves me. I have to learn to forgive and be forgiven. Ephesians 2:10.

We are called to good deeds. After graduation I would like to serve as a missionary and counselor wherever God wants me to. I want to get married a godly man.

Thank you for your prayers which I felt, especially in challenges.


Kazan Central Asian Mission College Student testimony

Time I spent in the College was one of the best periods in my life. People I spent this time with became very close to me. And thoughts of parting make my heart sick. Professors, who shared their knowledge during five days, are also in our hearts, their knowledge is in our minds.

The brightest and memorable moment (or one of the brightest moments) was our last practical training. We arranged and exhibition and preached the Scripture to the people, and they listened to us with profound interest. Those three weeks were the most exciting. I hope this time will bring much fruit which is most important.

During the time I spent in EMC I have learned a lot, gained not only knowledge but also humility, new vision of relations with God, people etc. Next year of the study in EMC I give to the hands of the Lord and His plan for me.

I pray, thank with all my heart and admire those who support College activity. During periods of despair and laziness, which happen sometimes, thoughts about those who provide this support inspired me and brought to life. P.S. I am grateful to all those who concern, teach, and sponsor us!


Kazan Central Asian Mission College Student testimony

Those were nine amazing months of studies here in EMC. In the beginning of the year I thought that the studies would be difficult but my expectations came short and I was able to study. I expected that God would do something during my EMC studies and He did much. God is constantly changing my heart, especially through EMC. It seems to me that if I stayed at home and did not enter EMC such changes would take a long time. In the very beginning of my study I was afraid of going for mission and thought I would not go but God changed my heart and I am going to go to Kenya this summer and, I hope, this will be not my last missionary trip. I would like to say that all classes were useful, especially practical training. During practical training several spiritual things became clear to me and I learned to build relations in a team, preach the Gospel, provide help, and show initiative.

Kazan Central Asian Mission College Student testimony

I am so much grateful to the Lord for the opportunity to study in EMC. I would like to thank all those who pray and sponsor me. You inspire me in challenging periods. Thank you for your important deeds. Study and life in EMC dramatically changed my attitude to life and God. The Lord taught me no only through classes but also through circumstances which had a significant impact on me.

Thank to College God changed my character; He taught me to trust Him even more.

One of my today’s concerns is the life after EMC. What are my further actions, ministry? I believe that the Lord will not forsake me. I am looking forward to the meeting with my mother and relatives. Many people think that during the past year I was in slavery. It is a pity that they don’t understand how blessed this time for me was.

As an expression of my thanks I want to do and preach others of how great the Lord is, of His being the Loving Father who will never forsake.

In spite of all circumstances I want to follow Him and be faithful to Him to the end!!!

Kazan Central Asian Mission College Student testimony

I entered this College upon the recommendation of ministers who studied in EMC. First I didn’t want to study but later decided to study because I have promised to do so.

I learned I lot in the College. In the past I thought I knew all this but … Practical training was a special time for me, because my nation does not know God.

I am grateful to God for this time which I spent not in vain.

Kazan Central Asian Mission College Student testimony

My greetings to you, Brothers and Sisters!

Being in the College is a great blessing. I learned a lot about the Word of God, gained much knowledge in relation to Islam and church history. This is an important time and I thank those who participate in all this and those who pray for us. What I liked most was the atmosphere in the College and practical training. Thanks to all of you!

I cannot describe my impressions with words and paper will not contain all of them.

Support a Student (SaS)

Would you as a church, small group, or individual consider supporting a student to enable them to be discipled and trained at our Central Asian Mission college in Kazan, Tatarstan?

How does SaS work?

A supporter commits to;

  • financially support a student through year 1 of the college course – a gift and investment in Christ’s Kingdom of £975
  • fervently pray for the student on a regular basis
  • build a friendship and encourage the student – for example by making contact with them at least once a term

The student commits to:

  • give their very best to study and apply what they learn at college – both in terms of Biblical knowledge, and growth in Christian character and Christlikeness
  • Share their progress and prayer needs via a video at least once per term
  • provide on-going pray updates to their supporter

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