Students share their stories

Eurasian Mission College - student testimony

“Our desire is to reach out to the people of South Ossetia – and set up rehabilitation centres sharing the message of the cross and the love of Christ…”

I have been married to a believer for 3 years, and we have one child. I came to know Christ in 2013. I lost my job, in which I had invested a lot of time and energy – God showed me that I had given too much time to my career. I repented and took a course on evangelism. He blessed me with a new job, ministry and a family.

I am involved in preaching, youth ministry, and leading a small group. From my time at college I hope to benefit from the fellowship, to grow spiritually, and learn how to better preach the Gospel.

My favourite bible verse? The prudent sees danger and hides himself.  My favourite bible character? The prophet Daniel. My pastimes?  Sport, cars, watching car racing.

After graduation, I hope to return to my church, which is small but ambitious – we have a 2-year project to reach out to the peoples of South Ossetia, working with a former graduate of the college. I have already done 2 mission trips. We would like to set up some rehabilitation centres sharing the message of the cross and the love of Christ.

Eurasian Mission College - student testimony

Please pray I will not fear anything, even my own family…”

I am from one of the Stan’s in Central Asia.  I am a young female from a large family. I heard about Jesus for the first time 3 years ago. I became a Christian 1 year ago.  My favourite bible verse? ‘I will fear no evil, for you are with me’.

My purpose on being here is to learn more about witnessing in the Islamic context.

I have been involved in youth ministry and leading a small group. I want to develop myself and become better at witnessing to Muslims.

My prayer requests? Please pray for youth ministry across Central Asia.  Also, for persecuted believers.  And for me, that I will fear nothing, even my own family.

A student's story

“I grew up to become a gaming addict…but then I found Christ. After I graduate, I hope to start new churches”

I learnt about Christ when I was a little boy, but I was never established in the faith.  I grew up to become a gaming addict.  When I was 30, I came to know Christ. I have been living for him for 5 years. My favourite bible character? Of course, I admire Jesus the most, but I am also inspired by Joseph.  My favourite bible verse? I can do all things through him who strengthens me.

My favourite food is Plov.  I like fishing, playing basketball, and preaching the Gospel. My expectations for the time I spend at College? I hope by the end of the year God will guide me, and while I am here, I hope to come closer to God, and learn how to serve him better. Before I came here, I was involved in evangelism in my home church, and youth ministry.  After I graduate, I hope to start new churches, preach the Gospel, and serve people by getting the word of God to them.

Student at Eurasian Mission College

“ I see no meaning in life, without Christ…”

I have a wife, God has given me a wonderful wife, and 3 children.  I was born in Uzbekistan, and when I was 6 years old, I heard the word of God for the first time from local missionaries. As I grew up it stayed in my child’s heart. There was no dramatic event, rather it was gradual. When I reason now, I see no meaning in life without Christ. I can’t imagine life without Him. He became my life, He is the Lord of my heart. This has been a lifelong process, since I was 6.

My favourite bible character? I guess it is Paul, yes Paul. My favourite bible verse?  ‘Keep a close watch on yourself and on the teaching. Persist in this, for by so doing you will save both yourself and your hearers’.

I preach in my home church and do evangelism. Two prayers requests:  that I may come to know God better during my time at college, and that I will find ‘my place’ in serving God. At present my plan is to return to my home city and help my pastor with ministry, and church evangelism.

A student's testimony - Eurasian Mission College

I was recommended this college by my older sister who studied here and is now serving in youth ministry”.

I am from a large family (I am one of 8!) with believing parents. I accepted Jesus when I was 15, and a year later I was baptised and became a church member.  I was recommended this college by my older sister who studied here and is now serving in youth ministry.

My favourite bible verse?  ‘See what kind of love the Father has given to us, that we should be called children of God’.

I like music, singing, and worship ministry. I also lead a small group. I feel people will change greatly while they are here at college. I desire to increase in knowledge, and value the mission experience – experience is very important, and there is lots of mission practice at this college.

I want to become a better servant of the Lord, as I know folk have invested with their time and money, so that I can study here.  I have a desire to go and share the Gospel in Uzbekistan, but I need to work out if that is a personal desire, or one from God?

A student's story - Eurasian Mission College

“God has called me to preach the Gospel to Muslims…”

My mother brought me to faith. We spent a lot of time speaking about God and praying together. Even though because of my Dad I wasn’t allowed to go to church very often, my mum went in secret.  When I was 10, I had that inner need to pray the ‘prayer of repentance’, as I knew I was a sinner. I attended a youth group.  When I was 18, I was baptised and gave my life to God.  I am active in church in music worship, SS teacher, some preaching and I helped in the ‘house of prayer’. In 2016 I went to Mission School.

My favourite bible verse?  ‘But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.’  My favourite bible character?  I don’t really have one, rather keen to learn from all of them.

My favourite pastimes?  Music, computers, and radio electronics.

I see the college as the next stage in my development in preparation to serve as a missionary.  We do prayer walks in the city, praying for a spiritual awakening.

My prayer requests?  For relatives to become Christians.  I feel God has called me to preach the Gospel to Muslims – but please pray that God will show me where, and that I will be willing to go, even if I don’t like where He directs me.

A student's story - Eurasian Mission College

“The Lord must have a plan for bringing us here to College…”

I come from a Christian family. I came to know Christ when the Holy Spirit told me that God loves me for who I am. The Holy Spirit lives in me. I try to be obedient.  This is how I came to college, as I prayed with my Husband. He wants to dedicate himself to missionary service.

My first impressions of the college?  I like the way we feel like one big family, serving and caring for each other. I expect to be equipped with new knowledge and to learn where the Lord wants us to be – he must have a plan for bringing us here.

I have been involved in various ministries – as a worship leader, then a leader of a small group.  I have been a church administrator, responsible for all admin and planning, using skills and experience I had before I became a Christian.

A student's story - Eurasian Mission College

“When I graduate and return to my home church, I would like to sort out problems at church and help restore relationships…”

I came to know Christ as I learned about him from when I was very young, but my path to Him was long and slow. I was baptised in 2015.

My favourite bible character?  Noah – a very interesting character. My favourite bible verse?  ‘As you wish that others would do to you, do so to them.’  I have liked everything at the college so far.  We are being mentored, but also are becoming mentors ourselves.

My trade is as an electrician. I like to travel with my wife. I really love Japanese food.  I have been a sound engineer at church.

My prayer requests?  For my church to become stronger and more united.  When I graduate and return to my home church, I would like to sort out problems in the church and help restore relationships.

Support a Student (SaS)

Would you as a church, small group, or individual consider supporting a student to enable them to be discipled and trained at our Central Asian Mission college in Kazan, Tatarstan?

How does SaS work?

A supporter commits to;

  • financially support a student through year 1 of the college course – a gift and investment in Christ’s Kingdom of £975
    (any value contribution to this is welcome i.e. several churches or individuals could together support a student)
  • Fervently pray for the student on a regular basis
  • build a friendship and encourage the student – for example by making contact with them at least once a term

The student commits to:

  • give their very best to study and apply what they learn at college – both in terms of Biblical knowledge, and growth in Christian character and Christlikeness
  • Share their progress and prayer needs via a video at least once per term
  • provide on-going pray updates to their supporter

Do get in touch if you would like to have an initial chat to explore the possibility of supporting a college student – call us on 01892 545509 or complete the form below…

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