Kazan Mission Practice – report on January, prayer for February

Report on January Christmas in Russia is normally celebrated on January 7th (only a few Catholics might celebrate it on the 25th

Ex Kyrgyzstan Olympic footballer now studying at Kazan Mission College

From childhood I have always loved playing football.  And when there was a chance to be chosen for the team at school,

Court rulings linked to Russia’s ‘anti-missionary’ bill

We reported on the new ‘anti-missionary’ bill in Russia that came into affect on 20th July 2016. Forum 18 provide a detailed

A Christmas greeting from Kazan Mission College

Dear friends! There comes a time when the whole universe is waiting with excitement the Savior's birth! Hope came into the world

Students complete 3 weeks of Gospel evangelism practice

The Eurasian Mission college is by design a vocational and highly practical course - this is reflected in the fact that the

New student from Tatarstan shares her story

When I finished school I went to the academy.  I did not relate well to my mother at that time.  My parents

New student from Ocetia Russia shares his story

I am 29 years old. I had simple working family; the mother worked at a plant and the father was a driver.

After a long battle – College gets Educational licence!

Following much blood, sweat and tears - the college staff team are really encouraged and relieved to have finally been awarded an

Life ‘on the ground’ so far since anti-missionary bill became law in July

Since reporting on the new 'anti-missionary' bill which came into force on 20th July, we have been keeping an eye on what

We praise God for 13 new students for the new academic year

The new students are from Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tatarstan, Ossetia and Kyrgyzstan. Please pray for the students; To settle into a new environment

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